Katelyn Brooks Giantess

Down the hatch!
Down the hatch!

Katelyn Brooks is a 23-year old hot student who spends her time as a giantess eating little men for breakfast. Katelyn expresses herself sexually by creating collages and videos of herself as a giantess, often times using tiny men as her toys. I wonder if giantess Katelyn likes playing with tiny women as well. Here’s what she has to say about that topic on her blog:

When I’m in a city looking for tiny people, I go after everyone. I think this has very much to do with the fact that I’m bisexual. (So yes, I’ve had girl and guy pets ~_^)I do prefer to keep females as slaves more often… and males tend to meet their horny fate a little quicker unless they are special to me. There’s nothing like getting a tiny guy really horny and under my spell… only to have him unable to resist as my foot or mouth comes down on him! ^_^ I’m also VERY open to destroying a city with other Goddess’s/Giantesses… I’d love to make out with a fellow giantess while the city falls at our feet.

That is so awesome. I’d love to see her destroy London with a female friend. Maybe use Big Ben to pleasure herself.

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