Down in Mexico shrunken man comic

Down in Mexico has now been released for download! It’s an awesome story about two guys who venture into Mexico and find themselves at a cabaret where the girls serve magical drinks that induce size change. It’s full of shrinking, kissing, and other naughty things.

As a fan of size change (macrophilia) I sometimes gravitate toward stories with shrinking themes, whether it be a shrunken woman or shrunken man. I had the opportunity to work with Santiago on a comic which I had been thinking up for quite some time. Finally it has come to fruition.

It’s called Down in Mexico!

shrunken man comic

Down In Mexico
Synopsis: Todd and Brandon take a trip on their motorcycles to Mexico for some fun. They get invited by some locals to see a “special” show at a place called “La Piedra Negra,” little do they know what lies in store for them.

Tags: shrunkenman, kissing, heels, ass, butt crush
Pages: 16
Author: J. Yubari
Artists: Santiago

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