Great Caesar’s GTS! – The Giant Life of Holly Hale

A reporter tackles the “biggest” story of her career when several of the world’s most powerful heroines mysteriously transform (physically and mentally) into sadistic giantesses in the first issue of The Giant Life of Holly Hale!


Synopsis: Fearless reporter Holly Hale investigates the mysterious growth epidemic infecting super-heroines across the world. Barely surviving one encounter with one of these rampaging super-giantesses, Holly’s investigation leads her to an enigmatic underwear company that is hiding a sinister plot…

IMG_0074 IMG_0075

Release Date: July 28th, 2019

Written By: MisterBigRed

Lineart By: Davide Tinto

Colors By: Ylenia Di Napoli

Tags: giantess, growth, mini-giantess, destruction, breast expansion, muscle growth, female muscle, clothes ripping, science

Issue Link: The Giant Life of Holly Hale

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