Enter Doctor Yami – Assimilated 3

Giantess FanMuscle Fan and Vore Fan unite to bring you Assimilated 3! The science fiction epic’s latest chapter features female muscle growth, absorption vore, towering giantesses, and the introduction of a mysterious madman who may prove to be humanity’s last hope against the rampaging nano-machines…


Synopsis: The Unity has consumed most of the world and only Japan remains. As the country prepares for the end, one scientist unveils his plans to save Japan. Plans that require a significant portion of the population to turn into musclebound giants. Can he convince the Japanese people to make the necessary sacrifice?

GFan-Cover GFan-preview

Tags: giant male, giantess, female muscle, muscle growth, nano-machines, slime, breast expansion, growth, future, Japan, future, science

Issue Release Date: July 10th, 2019

Written By: Hank Birche

Artwork By: WantedWaifus

Series Link: Assimilated

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