When Dreams Come True sequel?

I’ve been really happy with all the feedback you guys have given about the last comic I released. Now I’m working on the sequel to When Dreams Come True, which will feature lots more action and the same high-quality art you are now accustomed to. It is going well and should be ready in a few weeks (good art takes time).

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Our very own Giantess Comics!

It’s been over a year since I created Giantess Fan. Since that time I’ve been saving up to commission my own artist and get high quality comic out. This site is, after all, for giantess fans. I am proud to announce the release of our first comic titled When Dreams Come True.

It was a pleasure writing and working with G-comics on producing WDCT. The comic is 15-pages, in full color of course, and is available right now for reading in the Giantess Fan members area. Please support us so that we can make more comics for giantess fans like you!

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Omake: Attack of the 50ft Woman

There are many classic giantess films, a famous one being Attack of the 50ft Woman. I’m sure we’ve all had moment where we’ve thought of better scenarios or plot twists (or at least ones that would turn us on more) and the Omake series makes this possible. Omake is a series at the Giantess Club dedicated to re-imagining classic scenes in size fetish, improving upon and emphasizing the elements that make them so great.

She is growing. Click for a preview of the comic
She is growing. Click for a preview of the comic

This giantess comic takes Attack of the 50ft Woman and makes it a whole lot cooler. Awesome growth process and an interesting style of art. Click the image above for a free preview of the comic.

Giantess Comics

There is not a better site for GTS comics than the Giantess Club. I am so happy that there is finally a site with some professional content (although I LOVE user content). Sometimes it’s just nice to see something that has been done with the utmost consideration regarding the storyline, dialogue, and art work. Their latest comic, Demolitionist, has surpassed all my expectations of what an awesome giantess comic should contain – growth process, nudity, destruction and some crushing.