Elven Goddess – The Apprentice’s Domain released!

Our catalogue of comics grows ever stronger with our latest title, the story of a young, mischievous Elven sorcerer granted unlimited power over the shrunken remains of mankind.


Synopsis: In ages past with the threat of war hanging above their heads; the leaders of the elven people concocted an audacious plan to rid themselves of their would be aggressors. In a single night, the lands of men vanished from the world, never to be seen again. Few these days remember that they ever existed… at least until a young apprentice wizardess discovers what is kept in her mistress’ tower.

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Release Date: August 14th, 2014

Author: Laurieluv

Lineart: Michela Da Sacco

Colors: Mohan

Tags: Fantasy, mega-gts, shrinking, destruction, vore

Issue Link: The Apprentice’s Domain

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