Planet-Sized Protector – Upsy Daisy 2

Giantess Fan continues the story of Upsy Daisy, a growing giantess chosen to defend the Earth! While her growth and clumsiness caused a fair bit of destruction, it turns out there was something much more dangerous on the way – an enormous, hostile alien armada! Daisy is very big, but how much bigger must she get to stop the invaders?

Synopsis: As Daisy Klingen grows larger than the Earth, she discovers why the universe felt Earth needed a protector! But will a planetary-sized Daisy be enough stop the invading alien army from destroying the Earth?

Tags: giantess, giga-giantess, planetary-size, growth, height increase, gentle, boobs, butt, insertion, destruction, revenge, goddess, magic

Pages: 15 + Cover

Written By: Mac Rome

Lineart By: Salo

Colors By: Ylenia di Napoli

Issue #2 Release Date: December 28th, 2023

Series Link: Upsy Daisy

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