Sexy Superheroics – Lofty Leather released!

First there was Power Patrol, then there was The Cleavage Crusader, and now J Yubari is proud to present the latest addition to our growing roster of sexy super-heroines: Lofty Leather, the kinky crime-fighter who shrinks, grows, and crushes crime wherever she goes!


Synopsis: Travel writer Briana Van Ness receives a package with a mysterious bracelet that allows her to become a leather-clad, busty, muscular giantess. She uses it to become a very unconventional super-heroine. But can the bracelet be good for love, as well as fighting crime?

Lofty-Leather_01-000-cover sw__be__mg_in_one_sequence____by_giantess_fan_comics-d608zvl

Release Date: September 28th, 2014

Author: Mac Rome

Artwork: Ly (Sedna Studios)

Tags: mini-gts, growth, shrinking, muscle growth, breast expansion, butt crush, boob crush, clothes ripping

Issue Link: Lofty Leather

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