The Big Game – Growing The Franchise 3

Growing The Franchise closes up the year with a final chapter filled with all of the mini-giantess transformations and lesbian sex you’ve come to expect from this unique series!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Synopsis: Going into the Women’s Hoops International championship, Sorina, once the tallest player in the league at 6-foot-8 is now the shortest at 6-foot-8. But she and Hoshi have managed to lead the Buzz into the finals against their archrivals the Wallop, with Sorina’s archrival Rowena leading the opposition. When Hoshi is threatened and with the championship on the line, what can the smallest of the league’s giantesses do?

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Release date: December 28th, 2015

Written by: Mac Rome

Art by: Octo

Series Link: Growing The Franchise

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