Explosive Growth – Elasticity

A petite scientist survives a deadly lab explosion and experiences multiple bursts of rapid growth and shrinkage before finally transforming into a busty mini-giantess in Elasticity, the latest Giantess Fan release to feature artwork by popular mangaka Soryuu!


Synopsis: After an accident in a dimensional research facility, Maria Morrison finds herself growing at any excitement, then shrinking back. But, like stretched-out elastic, she’s taller than before even after shrinkage. Just how much elasticity does Maria have, and how big will she become?

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Release date: February 28th, 2018

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork by: Soryuu

Tags: slow growth, uneven growth, slow shrink, cumulative growth, shoes ripping, clothes ripping, destruction, sex, blowjob, mini-giantess, sex=growth, breast expansion

Issue Link: Elasticity

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