Twisted Tokusatsu – Tammy Towers

An overconfident monster fighter is publicly humiliated by an evil giantess and resolves to even the odds by becoming a giantess herself in Tammy Towers Takes On the World!

Synopsis: Tammy Towers is the top agent of the Cosmos Defense Force, an agency designed to protect Earth from alien invasions, giant robots and giant monsters. The problem? Tammy and her fellow agents are constantly defeated when the aliens and monsters invading the planet grow to a gigantic size. This leads the defense force to embark on a new program: a serum that will allow its agents to also become gigantic. Tammy becomes the force’s first volunteer.

Tags: giantess, growth, handheld, breasts, pussy, insertion, destruction, multiple gts, science, science fiction

Issue Release Date: July 14th, 2020

Written By: Joe Mahan

Artwork By: Victor Serra

Issue Link: Tammy Towers Takes On the World

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