Full Moon Rising – Evita’s Big Night

There is a woman who magically grows into a kinky, towering, and impossibly busty giantess whenever she experiences sexual arousal or pleasure during nights with full moons. That woman is the titular star of Giantess Fan‘s latest debut, Evita’s Big Night, and she is about to find herself the one man who will take her to heights and (bra sizes) beyond her wildest dreams!


Synopsis: Evita grows to giant size when exposed to sexual stimulation on the night of the full moon… and has an uncontrollable craving for that stimulation. Evita has a deal with the men of her town to help with her condition. Tonight, she will meet a new man who will take her growth to the next level.

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Tags: slow growth, sex=growth, outgrowing clothes, clothes ripping, breast climbing, insertion, multiple men with giantess, breast expansion, blowjob, mouth play, destruction

Issue release date: November 28th, 2018

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Issue Link: Evita’s Big Night

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