He’s a Little Man Now – I’m a Big Girl Now 3

Horndog Tate experiences an extreme case of sexually-charged shrinking when his three girlfriends join forces to take their erotic revenge!


Synopsis: While Alexa has been busy helping the rest of her roommate Haley’s family, Haley’s brother Tate has gone back to his girlfriends—all three of them. Now Jenny, Penny and Cindy have decided to take advantage of Tate’s condition (shrinking whenever he’s sexually stimulated) to cut the big man down to size and have some fun doing it. But will they go too far with teeny, tiny Tate?

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Release date: September 28th, 2017

Written by: Mac Rome

Artwork by: Jin (Sedna Studio)

Tags: Shrinking man, boob squeeze, nipple play, insertion, sex, entering nipple, breast expansion, lactation, micro

Series Link: I’m a Big Girl Now

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