Dinner and a Show – Bigger Beauty Queen 5

It’s giantess vs. giantess in a big bad BBQ beauty battle! Lora is really showing her carnivorous colors as she chows down on the audience – can Maggie put an end to her rampage? Find out in the penultimate issue of Bigger Beauty Queen!

Synopsis: Lora is now giant-sized and feasting upon the college crowd like they’re her personal buffet. Does Maggie have what it takes to take down this Big Beauty Queen?

Tags: giantess, multiple gts, giantess fight, mini-giantess, growth, height increase, breast expansion, ass expansion, eat and grow, nudity, clothes ripping, slow growth, destruction, accidental destruction, soft vore

Pages:15 + Cover

Written By: Redacegod

Artwork By: Octo

Issue #5 Release Date: April 19th, 2023

Series Link: BBQ – Bigger Beauty Queen

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