Gonna Need a Bigger Crown! – Bigger Beauty Queen 4

Maggie is still huge and getting even bigger, but now the problem is spreading! When Lora gets angry at not being the center of attention, it triggers a massive growth spurt… and her new size and power go straight to her head!

Synopsis: With Maggie’s growth becoming uncontainable, Felica and Lora are now starting to get noticeably taller and bigger as well. What will the reaction of the student body be when the festival gets some bigger attractions than the food!?

Tags: giantess, mini-giantess, multiple gts, growth, breast expansion, eat and grow, nudity, clothes ripping, slow growth, soft vore

Pages: 15 + Cover

Written By: Redacegod

Artwork By: Octo

Series Link: BBQ – Bigger Beauty Queen

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