Leveled All the Way Up – Giantess RPG 6

Blake has reached the true end boss of Giantess RPG in the climactic sixth issue, and it’s time to pit one busty angel against a big horny devil! Can Blake overcome the ultimate challenge, or will her dreams of victory prove to be her final fantasy?

Synopsis: After “defeating” Dianthela, Blake discovers that her final battle is not over. Now that the wannabe goddess has transformed into a larger and more powerful form, can our heroic gamer girl triumph once more… or is it “game over” for Blake?

Tags: giantess, giantess fight, multiple gts, growth, height increase, gentle, female muscle, muscle growth, mega-giantess, mini-giantess, monster girl, magic

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: a0040pc

Artwork By: Bokuman

Issue #6 Release Date: July 8th, 2021

Series Link: Giantess RPG

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