Giantess Comics

There is not a better site for GTS comics than the Giantess Club. I am so happy that there is finally a site with some professional content (although I LOVE user content). Sometimes it’s just nice to see something that has been done with the utmost consideration regarding the storyline, dialogue, and art work. Their latest comic, Demolitionist, has surpassed all my expectations of what an awesome giantess comic should contain – growth process, nudity, destruction and some crushing.

Giantess Club

So there is some talk going on about a new site called the Giantess Club that will be selling comics just for giantess and growth fans. I read a few posts on the giantess city forums confirming it is a project with the makers of the Breast Expansion Story Club and Lorekeep of Process Productions, which means it is going to be hella awesome.

As of now there is only a preview tour but I contacted the site admins and they say it should be live within a week. I, for one, will be signing up for a subscription to the Giantess Club and peeping what they have to offer. From the tour it looks like it’ll feature a similar line up and format as the BE Story Club, full-color comics all about growth and giantesses. So far it looks very promising.

A comic from the Giantess Club
A comic from the Giantess Club