Compounding Trouble – The 7-Percent Problem 2

Mica just keeps growing – and so do her problems! What started as a mere 7 percent of five feet has become 7 percent of a girl as big as a house… and she’s only going to keep getting bigger!

Synopsis: An experiment to help short people grow has gone awry, causing Mica Locke (formerly under five feet tall) to grow to more than 20 feet in height in less than 24 hours! She’s adding about 7 percent to her height each hour – but as she gets taller, 7 percent of her height adds more and more. With nothing else to do, Mica starts playing with her boyfriend, James. Unfortunately, from her perspective, he’s shrinking fast…

Tags: giantess, height increase, slow growth, mega-giantess, hair growth, hair color change, transformation, destruction, insertion, pleasure, sex, breasts, boob play, feet, foot play, nerdy girl, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Su (Studio Arieta)

Issue Release Date: April 28th, 2024

Series Link: The 7-Percent Problem

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Maximum Minnie – Fun Size 2

Minnie, the slowly growing giantess star of Fun Size, is getting restless on the farm and wants to take a trip to the big city. Her boyfriend thinks it’s a bad idea, for obvious reasons… but Minnie’s feminine wiles have gotten bigger along with the rest of her, and she can be very persuasive at her new height!

Synopsis: Well over fifty feet tall and still growing, Minnie is eager to head into the city. A large woman can leave a sizable impression as she is traveling, but there is little that Matt can do to stop her!

Tags: giantess, growth, height increase, slow growth, clothes ripping, destruction, feet, foot play, sex, gentle, playful

Pages: 15 + Cover

Written By: Renulen

Artwork By: Yuan (Studio Arieta)

Issue #2 Release Date: April 8th, 2022

Series Link: Fun Size

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Wrath of God(dess) – Avia

Today’s Giantess Fan comic is ἀνία, the story of a goddess who’s finding benevolence and stewardship of humanity increasingly dull and frustrating. She needs a foot massage, courtesy of her mortal servants. And while she’s relaxing, maybe she’ll contemplate doing something else with her life – such as going full “Old Testament” on her charges!

Synopsis: A goddess starts to feel bored with her current lifestyle. Adoration is nice and all, but where is the thrill and the fear? Perhaps it is time to rethink her place in this world… and one of her servants will become a great influence in her decision.

Tags: giantess, goddess, mega-giantess, giga-giantess, growth, destruction, evil, feet, foot worship, magic

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Tomson

Artwork By: Andrestronik (AlterComics)

Release Date: December 19th, 2021

Issue Link: νία

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