Tall Tales – Gems of the Lost City

A trio of adventurers seeking a fabled empire full of giantesses get info from someone who’s seen it firsthand – and still has the size to show for it! Will she help them find the Gems of the Lost City, or have they hit a great big dead end?

Synopsis: Treasure hunters Boharve, Keleren, and Norben seek information about a legendary warlord’s horde of treasure and a city said to be populated by giant women from one of the few people to ever escape the warlord’s clutches. However, both Diki – the survivor – and the tale she has to tell are far larger than they expected…

Tags: giantess, mini-giantess, giantess fight, multiple gts, growth, breast expansion, fantasy, medieval, legend, conquest, violence, sex, lesbian, sex slave, clothes ripping, magic

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Batdas12

Artwork By: LRC (Sedna Studio)

Release Date: June 28th, 2021

Issue Link: Gems of the Lost City

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Campfire Story Colossus – The Curse of Saletine

With Halloween just around the corner, the timing has never been better for Giantess Fan to release The Curse of Saletine: a spooky campfire story about a greedy princess whose growing hunger (and body) threatened an entire kingdom!


Synopsis: Where the Kingdom of Saletine once stood there is now a dead land. While journeying through The Barren Lands, Keleren tells his companion Boharve the story of the fallen kingdom, a tale of Princess Elspeth and how her greed caused the kingdom’s downfall.

the_curse_of_saletine___the_giantess_of_gluttony_by_giantess_fan_comics-dcik1ou giantess_vore_princess_by_giantess_fan_comics-dcik1ry

Release date: October 28th, 2018

Written By: Batdas12

Lineart By: Davide Tinto

Colors By:  Ruben Curto

Tags: Giantess, Growth, Eat And Grow, Fantasy, Medieval, Destruction

Issue Link: The Curse of Saletine

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