Big and Small – Giantess video game

Hell yes! Finally a giantess video game for PC. And it’s free! This giantess game is called “Big and Small” and has a pretty cool concept—you run around the city one of two raging giantesses, crushing every human in your path. It’s a fairly simple game but the animation is pretty nifty.

Check out the trailer:

Download link (via Rapidshare)

Katelyn Brooks Giantess

Down the hatch!
Down the hatch!

Katelyn Brooks is a 23-year old hot student who spends her time as a giantess eating little men for breakfast. Katelyn expresses herself sexually by creating collages and videos of herself as a giantess, often times using tiny men as her toys. I wonder if giantess Katelyn likes playing with tiny women as well. Here’s what she has to say about that topic on her blog:

When I’m in a city looking for tiny people, I go after everyone. I think this has very much to do with the fact that I’m bisexual. (So yes, I’ve had girl and guy pets ~_^)I do prefer to keep females as slaves more often… and males tend to meet their horny fate a little quicker unless they are special to me. There’s nothing like getting a tiny guy really horny and under my spell… only to have him unable to resist as my foot or mouth comes down on him! ^_^ I’m also VERY open to destroying a city with other Goddess’s/Giantesses… I’d love to make out with a fellow giantess while the city falls at our feet.

That is so awesome. I’d love to see her destroy London with a female friend. Maybe use Big Ben to pleasure herself.

Omake: Attack of the 50ft Woman

There are many classic giantess films, a famous one being Attack of the 50ft Woman. I’m sure we’ve all had moment where we’ve thought of better scenarios or plot twists (or at least ones that would turn us on more) and the Omake series makes this possible. Omake is a series at the Giantess Club dedicated to re-imagining classic scenes in size fetish, improving upon and emphasizing the elements that make them so great.

She is growing. Click for a preview of the comic
She is growing. Click for a preview of the comic

This giantess comic takes Attack of the 50ft Woman and makes it a whole lot cooler. Awesome growth process and an interesting style of art. Click the image above for a free preview of the comic.