Party Crusher – The Bad Omen

An angry woman unleashes her rage on her boyfriend, magically shrinking him to the size of a bug. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a Bad Omen for everyone else at his Halloween party, who all get caught up in the spell! Things go from bad to worse when one girl who was late to the party shows up and brings unaware giantess doom to the attendees!

Synopsis: After a brief argument between two lovers, almost a dozen people are accidentally shrunken during a Halloween party. Unfortunately for them, their only hope of being discovered is a last-minute (and oblivious) guest…

Tags: shrinking, shrunken man, shrunken woman, feet, shoes, micro, unaware, revenge, magic

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Aloezec

Artwork By: FRANTIC (AlterComics)

Release Date: October 8th, 2022

Issue Link: The Bad Omen

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Small Women, Big Tits – Undertoe and Lofty Leather

Lofty Leather is still tiny and pinned down by her relatively mountainous boobs thanks to her bracelet going haywire. Can her heroic compatriot Undertoe save her from her shrunken predicament… and what will they do about the rampaging giantess outside?

Synopsis: Leather’s alien bracelet has trapped her at microscopic size, unable to move since each of her breasts are now several times the size of the rest of her body. Now, it’s up to Undertoe to save the heroine known for her gigantism – but the bracelet has a mind of its own. Meanwhile, a giantess supervillain is attacking the city!

Tags: giantess, growth, height increase, giantess fight, multiple gts, shrinking, shrunken woman, multiple shrunken women, breast expansion, female muscle, muscle growth, superheroes, destruction, micro, mega-giantess, shrunken gts, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Oscar Celestini

Issue Release Date: August 19th, 2021

Series Link: Lofty Leather

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Shrunken She-Beast Shenanigans – Power Patrol

She-Beast and her super-friends are back in Power Patrol: Possession Obsession! When last we saw them, they’d been captured in a micro-world, and now they’re at the mercy of a power-hungry warlord armed with shrinking weaponry!

Synopsis: Trapped in a sub-atomic world, the Power Patrol is drawn into a hidden war for ultimate power, serving as weapons for a tyrannical priestess. Faced with overwhelming numbers and advanced size-altering technology from both sides, the team’s only hope lies not in the raw power of She-Beast, but in the untapped potential of Meghan Renner.

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, multiple shrunken women, shrinking out of clothes, microscopic, shrunken gts, female muscle, muscle growth, muscle loss, transformation, height increase, uneven growth, uneven shrinking, superheroes

Pages: 15 + Cover

Written By: RogueScholar

Artwork By: r2roh

Issue Release Date: January 1st, 2021

Series Link: Power Patrol

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Squatters Get Squashed – Dwelling Beneath

Dwelling Beneath features a woman coming home from work, taking off her shoes, and relaxing… completely unaware of the group of bug-sized people who live in her home and are being crushed underfoot!

Synopsis: Centuries ago, a group of women banded together to shrink all men (as well as any women who stood in their way). Today, one tiny tribe tries to survive in the home of a woman who is unaware of her tiny house guests.

Tags: shrinking, unaware, microscopic, sci-fi, new world order, feet, socks, boots, shrunken men, shrunken women, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Proky and Aloezec

Artwork by: Zu (Studio Arieta)

Release Date: December 14th, 2020

Issue Link: Dwelling Beneath

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Stretching and Growing – Girls on the Grow

A goddess uses size-changing magic to alleviate her boredom by randomly tormenting two friends in the debut chapter of Girls on the Grow!


Synopsis: The demi-goddess Xanas, mistress of size, becomes bored and decides to use her infinite size-changing abilities on two unsuspecting mortals.

dd6pdh3-041a0016-2dea-4058-92ac-bac8d95bb529 dd6pczo-7f32a05c-fb0e-4f11-b9b4-1fef9340b3a2

Release Date: August 14th, 2019

Written By:  a0040pc

Artwork By: LRC (Sedna Studio)

Tags: giantess, growth, shrinking, shrunken woman, micro, elongating, clothes ripping, destruction, goddess, multiple gts, mini-giantess, magic

Issue Link: Girls on the Grow

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Sweat and Fears – Microscopic 2

You demanded it, so we made it! Microscopic, another incredibly popular title from the creator of From The Stars and A Weekend Alone, is finally releasing a sequel that is sure to delight all of you who enjoy comics featuring shrunken victims and unaware giantesses!


Synopsis: An illustrated guide of the epic, microscopic journey several shrunken people are forced to take across a woman’s body.

dd0tpuk-d7af00fe-fdad-4acf-9766-06347f2e1926 dd0tpqh-22b0ee7f-ee76-4140-8250-2fda68b6b8d7

Tags: shrunken male, shrunken woman, shrunken man, micro, body exploration, POV, sweat, unaware

Issue release date: May 28th, 2019

Written by: KevinFred

Artwork by: Giribaldi (AlterComics)

Series Link: Microscopic

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